Posted by on Sep 9, 2013 in Day Journal

Dear Syria,

It’s been a tough time lately, hasn’t it. And I’m sure you’re tired of talking about what’s going on over there, what you face every time you glance out the window. But you glance out anyway because somewhere beyond this place, sometime beyond today, you cling to a hope that it’ll be a little easier.

Well, I want you to know that we hope too, over here.

We hope that someday we won’t be scared. And I know we don’t know what terror is like you do but if we’re honest with ourselves over here in America, we’re scared too. We’re terrified that the images we see of the hundreds lined up in body bags could be our reality. We’re apprehensive about our soldiers facing too dangerous of situations there, in your land. But most of all, we’re scared that maybe love isn’t enough anymore. That love doesn’t always win.

That’s what scares me the most.

Because I see the children, maybe they’re your children, and my heart wells up and spills down my cheeks because they’re talking about how they had to run, run as fast as they could through chaos and confusion, through bombs and smoke.


And they lost their way.

Well, I’d like to tell you something. We’ve lost our way, too, over here in America. I heard it at church even, how someone said, “We should just let them blow each other up. Good riddance.” And I cringed because the value of life is not something to mock. Hate is not something to condone. Confidence in a God who is good is not something to be ignored.

That’s all we have these days, isn’t it. All we have when the darkness rolls in is to place our confidence in Someone mightier than ourselves.  Because we don’t have the answers. We’d like to say we did, that we could help you, but I’m not sure.

But I am sure that God does have the answers.

So today, I pray.

I pray and hope for you and your country, Syria. For the ones who feel the sting of loss. For the children with tear streaked faces. And for calmness in the hearts of all involved.

I pray that I can have faith today because I’m weary, weary with waiting for love to win. And I know I can’t change your land but I can change me. So today, I choose love. I choose to pray for you, for your enemies, for God to watch over us all. I pray that humanity can bind together, that churches can live up to their Christian virtues, that America can rise up and join you, Syria, to keep hoping and working toward the common good for the common people.

We have this saying over here in America and it goes like this: In God We Trust. And we owe it to you and to ourselves, to take every single word of it for granted.

We love you. We care. And we’re praying,


Photo credit of European Commission