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About Me

Enter the stillness…


The sun is setting, day draining away.

And for a moment, just a moment, the world holds its breath and all of humanity turns their eyes westward.

Standing here, we bathe in hope, in trust, in the warmth of His grace.

And a simple prayer escapes; that God would intercede with us here.



As the day closes…


We forget about the calendar, bursting with busy.

We forget about the phone, the pager, the emails.

Because here, in this place, we’re part of something bigger.

We’re faced with the reality this life isn’t only our story, but His story. 

And every story, we know, should have a gospel invitation.  


You are invited… 


To discover these stories, these invitations along with me.

To step into the Light; to trust Him in the dark. 

Because when the day is over, and night has fallen, 

We want to fall too, straight into the arms of our Savior. 


So stay awhile… 


Read a few words, 

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Or just whisper a prayer for the man behind these words.


But wait… there’s a few more things you probably want to know.




I am an RN,working my dream job in the fast paced chaotic Emergency Department.
I am married to a beautiful girl, called Southern Gal here in these spaces.
I have two dogs, Mr. Watson and Ervin, who have absolutely no training.
I love escaping outdoors, to the silence.
I don’t have social media because this world is too noisy the way it is already.
I’m an artist, marathoner, tennis player and Peeps eater.
I believe some days can only be rescued by a bag of Cheetos.

But most of all, I have learned we discover the answers… by living the questions.

Blessings on your day, friend…

In Him, always for Him,